52 Portraits 20: Arianne Abela


Arianne lives and breathes music and is part of the conducting faculty at Wayne State University in Detroit, MI. She is also founder and director of the Detroit Women's Chorus, and founder of Justice Choir-Detroit. Born without her left leg and most of her fingers, Arianne’s journey has been one about self acceptance and overcoming obstacles. In this podcast she shares a little of the story of how she came to be a person who is dedicated to “Using music as a vessel to help others come together and perhaps understand each other more.” This one is also about self care and the many ways that can be included in our lives: surrounding ourselves with people who tell us the truth, letting go of people who no longer fit in our lives, taking a bath before bed to relax, and immersing ourselves in our communities among many other things! Enjoy!

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“One of my goals in life is to help people feel visible. I try to say hello to people on the street and make eye contact, even when I cannot help them with change or food. No person should be invisible.”


'“I think we often find unity and peace in singing and in music, we just need to be reminded of it.”


“Here I am saying to all these people, be yourself, love yourself, be you, and then I was wearing jeans in 100 degree weather because I was trying to hide something.”