52 Portrait Project : Inspiring Women


I believe each of us is courageous and inspiring in our own ways, large and small, and I believe society would benefit greatly from celebrating this everyday courage and inspiration. I want to help shine a light on the many ways that people, specifically women, live courageously, and the simple habits, rituals, and ways of being that aren’t necessarily spoken of, but inspire those around them to do better.

I'm committed to making 52 portraits for this project, and I will include a small interview with each person when possible. I will be focusing on women that others find inspiring for any reason - maybe she is an artist, maybe she courageously deals with anxiety or depression issues and would be willing to talk about it, maybe she's a mother, maybe she is a breast cancer survivor, or maybe she nominates herself because she fought hard to start business. Whatever it may be, I want to lift her up into the light with hopes of fostering connection and healing in my community and beyond, through the willingness to be vulnerable and the authentic sharing of stories.

THANK YOU for considering supporting this project! Donations will be gratefully received via paypal to mistylynmusic@gmail.com and will help cover the cost of gas for the hundreds of miles traveled and the monthly fee for housing the podcast on SoundCloud. Your positive energy in the form of currency is greatly appreciated!