52 Portraits 21: Dr. Rana Awdish


If you have ever experienced trauma and have had to deal with feeling less than human as a patient in the hospital, or even at your doctor’s office, this podcast has something for you. Rana is the Director of the Pulmonary Hypertension Program at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit and a practicing Critical Care Physician. She is also the author of the critically acclaimed, best selling memoir, In Shock, based on the less-than-empathetic care she received during her near death experience in her own hospital. In this podcast we discuss the ways our medical care can lack empathy and humanity, and some of the things that are changing in order to fix that. We also discuss Rana’s journey through her illness and and how she is learning how to “truly and shamelessly” inhabit her body and accept where she is at in the moment.

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“Pain is not a choice, Pain is real…but how we engage with the pain and what we tell ourselves about it is a choice.”


“Strength comes from softness…strength without flexibility is just rigidity and that’s where you break. So to be soft and surrender to what’s true, that’s where I really find strength.”

Rana at home in front of her whimsical paintings.

Rana at home in front of her whimsical paintings.


“How are we not trained to honor the patients experience of their illness in the context of their life story?”