52 Portraits 17: May Erlewine


“For me, having a room full of people singing together is just as holy as praying together.”

May is one of Michigan’s most beloved, heart-centered singer-songwriters. We sat down together in her home in Traverse City and discussed her day-to-day life as an artist and mom. She shares about traversing the often tricky territory of activism in music and speaking your truth on stage. We also discuss the extroverted nature of our culture, having to be loud to be heard, having to know everything RIGHT NOW, the effect this might have on vulnerable voices, and whether or not this dynamic seems to be shifting. From her experience being raised immersed in Tibetan Buddhism, to her teenage years spent hitchhiking and hopping trains across the country, all the way to the “beautiful unfolding” that is her career as an artist, this podcast gives us a glimpse into how May came to be the authentic, empowered woman she is. 

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