52 Portraits 18: Amber Buist


Leaving home at just 16 years old, Amber started off on her own with nothing. Fast forward to now and you will find a strong, passionate, people-connector whose life is abundant with community and purpose. Amber has reinvented herself many times and after a failed record deal, working in travel, getting her masters in social work, and fostering 50 kids, she is on her fourth successful career as manager of her daughters nationally acclaimed band, The Accidentals. I believe this podcast will inspire you to start asking your neighbors and friends over for dinner, to find a way to do the thing you’ve always wanted to do, and maybe even to accept yourself right where you’re at. As Amber says, “Wherever you are right now is ok. Everyday is part of a journey and there is time for everything. Get up. Move forward. Breathe. You got this.”

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