365 Outtake Tuesday - Holler Fest 2017

Chris Good 's set at Hollerfest 8-26-17

Chris Good 's set at Hollerfest 8-26-17

After a full day of raking leaves outside in this colder weather, I thought I would warm myself up by sharing a little taste of the summer we left behind. Here are a few shots from back in August at Holler Fest, an amazing little 3 day music festival in Brooklyn, MI. It's held on Frog Holler Farm, which has been owned by the King family for more than 40 years. My band had the pleasure of playing on Saturday afternoon and it was the perfect summer day. So many wonderful artists, great food, good friends everywhere I looked, AND my mom and dad came! It was wonderful to be back - the last time we played Holler Fest was about 8 years earlier and it was a blast then, too!

I took these photos during Chris Good's set. It was the only time I had my camera out. I included the "non-outtake" because I edited it a bit differently and it's fun!