365 Outtake Tuesday - Sacred Spaces


My heart is breaking because of all the forest fires that have been ablaze across the country. There is something so deep in me that is shaken when I hear about the destruction of trees. It feels like the loss of something ancient and timeless and impossible to replace - at least in our lifetime. There is a knowing that part of me has about such things that I can't quite articulate. But I trust it and I let myself mourn these huge losses. I mourn the loss of not only the trees themselves, but the loss of the sanctuary they provided for the animals and for the people who loved the land. It is an old sadness. Maybe some of you know what I mean?

I think part of why I am so sensitive to such things has to do with my upbringing. Most of my childhood was spent outside and very early on I found healing and peace in the woods. My parents took us camping and on hikes on local trails often. I learned to view nature as my church. It's where I feel closest to whatever created me - to my highest self. It's where I am at peace with the cycles of life. At peace with aging and dying. Gratitude comes easily as my breath deepens and my senses wake up to the smell of the dirt and leaves and the feel of the earth under my feet.

The photos I chose for this Outtake Tuesday are from my sacred place. I have been hiking this trail since I was very young and I feel so lucky to still be close enough to visit when I really need to. It's what I picture when I see people expressing their grief about the loss of their beautiful places - what if I lost this place to fire? It's unimaginable. 

Please enjoy this little walk I had in the woods as the leaves had just started turning. I hope you can sense the peace I felt when I was there.

Much Love,